Epilobium, willow-herb is common almost everywhere in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. Its area covers an area of almost the whole of Europe, the MPR, China, Japan and North America.

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Atragene sibirica

Atragene sibirica L. - a small shrubby vine that can twine around the support and rise to a height of 3 meters. It blooms in early summer. Atragene sibirica L. is widespread in the north-east of Europe, in Western and Eastern Siberia, the mountains of Central Asia and the Far East. It grows in coniferous and deciduous forests, forest edges, forest meadows in mountainous areas on stony slopes, rises beyond the forest zone.

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Medicinal raw material is herb and flowers. They are harvested in the period of flowering and partial fruiting, cutting off the upper softwood parts. The raw material is dried in the sun and warmth in a well ventilated area or in the shade in the open air. It is stored in a closed container or wooden bags. The plant is poisonous.
The drugs of Atragene sibirica have a stimulating, tonic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, strengthen the heart. The leaves have an irritant action, so the preparations of the plant are effective to stimulate metabolism in malnourished patients with a sharp decrease of metabolic processes. Earlier Atragene sibirica was consumed internally and externally in conjunction with flowers of buttercup and pasque to treat ulcers and wounds accompanied by ichorization tissues.

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The combination of anti-inflammatory, tonic and bactericidal action enables the use of drugs of Atragene sibirica in inflammation of the gastric mucosa, edema of various origins, epilepsy, headache treatment against the background of cold, women's diseases, and the treatment of wounds and scabies.
In Tibetan medicine infusion of flowers are recommended for hemoptysis, abscess and other lung diseases, in inflammatory processes of the liver, abscesses and as wound healing remedy.

Collection of medicinal plants

Collection of medicinal plants. Plants are collected because they contain active drugs (alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, tannins, enzymes, vitamins, hormones, volatile ...), the maximum accumulated amount in the different parts of the plant (in the buds, bark, leaves, flowers, roots) and in different periods of the growing season (spring, fall, summer).

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How to harvest and dry medicinal herbs

How to harvest and dry medicinal herbs. Quality of raw material - a necessary condition for its suitability for use. In order to have a high-grade medicinal raw material, it is important to observe the terms of harvest of individual parts of plants, where they can accumulate active substances. Most calendar dates do not coincide with the optimum for the collection phases of plant growth, depending on the geographical area of soil and climatic conditions of the area, the meteorological characteristics of the season of harvesting and other factors.

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