Cypripedium macranthon Sw. (The Large-flowered Cypripedium). It grows in clarified forests and by forest glades across eastern Siberia, but not often. The plant is very decorative, often collected in bunches, making its reserves sharply reduced, so it is in need of protection, at least in the area of large cities. It flowers in June and July. Grass and roots, and flowers are harvested during the flowering plants in warm, dry weather and quickly dried in the open air in the shade or in the warm-ventilated areas. The underground organs and grass contain traces of alkaloids in the leaves - up to 270 mg% of ascorbic acid and flavonoids - in the flowering plant.

Cypripedium macranthon Sw. flowers

In traditional medicine is used water infusion of herbs, roots and flowers as a sedative, epilepsy, various nervous and mental disorders with headache, gynecological problems, including uterine bleeding and delayed menstruation, in cardiovascular diseases etc.

Cypripedium macranthon Sw.