Huperzia selago, Northern firmoss or Fir Clubmoss. A remarkable property of this ordinary-looking “grass” provides its fame. If one drink a decoction of the aerial parts, and then, after a few minutes of alcohol, vodka or wine, it causes very unpleasant reactions, which are expressed in general painful condition accompanied by severe and prolonged nausea and vomiting, profuse salivation, perspiration, trembling of muscles, lowering blood pressure, heart rate and changes in decrease in breathing. When taking alcohol and smoking tobacco nausea is increased. This combination leads to the development of the conditioned reflex attitude to alcohol, usually occurs after 2 - 3 combinations of alcohol intake and decoction of Huperzia selago. Re-treatment is carried out at the resumption of alcohol craving in 0.5 - 2 years.

Huperzia selago

In traditional medicine, this property has been known for a long time, and treated alcoholism.

The plant, which has such an interesting effect is Huperzia selago. It belongs to the family of Lycopodiaceae. Huperzia selago - a perennial cryptogamous evergreen plant as a small bush, unlike the club-moss creeping species. Several erect stems 5-25 cm tall, often forcipate branches. Leaves are arranged as a Lycopodium - spirally thickly coated stems protruding, dark green. Huperzia selago differs from Lycopodium by lack of spore-bearing spikelets, and spores are formed in nodular sporangium, located at the base of leaves in the middle and upper parts of the branches.

The area Baranets occupies a vast territory. In the European part of the distributed throughout the forest zone and comes to the tundra. In Western Siberia, lives in the more northern regions, and in the Altai, Sayan Mountains, across the East Siberia, except for the southern regions of the Far East, Primorye and the average excluding the Amur region. In the Carpathians and the Caucasus highlands, except for Eastern and Southern Caucasus, occurs more often than in other places. It grows on mossy coniferous forests and in the mountains - the rocks and grassy slopes, alpine meadows. Despite the extensive range, Huperzia selago is usually very rare.

In traditional medicine, herb of Huperzia selago is also used as antihelminthic, emetic and purgative, and for nervous disorders, skin diseases called as an insecticide. It must be remembered that the plant is poisonous and can cause poisoning, which in large doses alkaloids of Huperzia selago- the strongest paralyzing poisons, resembling the action of the famous poison curare. In addition, the body is weakened by alcoholics, and there are many diseases for which treatment with decoction of Huperzia selago is absolutely contraindicated in any case, it is for people over 60. Contraindications to treatment with decoction of Huperzia selago: diabetes, cardio, aortic aneurysm, coronary failure, hypertension, asthma, tuberculosis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, liver or kidney disease, infectious disease, glaucoma, pregnancy. Treatment is carried out only under a doctor's care in patient care institutions.

Huperzia selago