Cirsium heterophyllum hill. Common names: calabash, planta madre, Libanotis.

The botanical characteristics. A perennial strongly prickly plant. Flowers are large, purple, spherical. It blooms in July - August.

Distribution. It grows in the forest and forest-steppe zones of Siberia and the Urals. It occurs in light of deciduous and mixed forests, forest clearings, meadows and marshes.

Cirsium heterophyllum hill flower

Crude drug. The herb plants are harvested during flowering and dried in the shade of the great outdoors. The chemical composition is little studied.

Application. One of the oldest anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and wound-healing drugs. Infusion of plants is recommended for inflammation of the larynx, fresh chopped herbs are applied to boils, bruises, wounds.

Cirsium heterophyllum hill