Cassia acutifolia Del. The family of Leguminosae. This is a shrub up to 1 m. Homeland of Cassia - East Africa and the mountainous areas of Sudan. It is cultivated in Egypt, Sudan, South Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Central Asia, Sukhumi, Azerbaijan. Crude drugs are the leaves and fruits.

Cassia acutifolia Del

Preparations of Cassia - Infusion of leaves and fruits are used as a laxative. Leaves of Cassia (“alexandrian senna”) is a part of a complex infusion (“Viennese drink”), as well as laxatives and anti-haemorrhoidal teas.
Cassia is widely used for the treatment of patients with diseases of the liver and gall bladder, anti-amoebic dysentery.
In traditional medicine, native species of Cassia is not only used as a laxative, but also as a bactericide, fungicide, diuretics and other drugs.
Side effects, contraindications. Cassia drugs are well tolerated. Due to the low content of tar are non-irritating to the intestines and can be used for a long time.

Cassia acutifolia Del

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