Iris pseudacorus L. The family of Iridaceae. A perennial herbaceous plant 75-160 cm tall. It flowers in June - August. The fruits ripen in August.
It grows in swamps, moist banks of rivers and lakes.

Iris pseudacorus L. flowers

Freshly dug rhizomes have herbaceous smell, and only during a slow drying there is a nice violet scent, so it is called “orris-root” (used in the confectionery industry, as well as the aromatic feedstock for liquors, wines and other beverages).
Essential oil of the iris is widely used in perfumery.
Iris has an expectorant effect, improves the taste of medicines. Ethanol-water extract of the rhizome at a dilution of 1: 300 inhibits the development of the tubercle bacillus. The rhizomes are part of the breast tea used internally in the form of decoction, externally - in the form of powders, are part of the tooth powders, patches.
In traditional medicine, Iris yellow is used in pneumonia, angina, edema, and for the treatment of infected wounds, ulcers, fistulas and for removing freckles.

Iris pseudacorus L.