Iris pseudacorus. A perennial herb, 50-120 cm tall. It flowers in May and June. It grows in bogs, on moist banks of rivers, on floodplains. Crude drugs are rhizomes.

Iris pseudacorus flower

In traditional medicine, the rhizome is used as a painkiller for toothache, gastritis, gastro-intestinal colic, as an anti- angina, diseases of the female organs, accompanied by pain, at Trichomonas colpitis, as an expectorant in bronchitis and pneumonia , and as a diuretic in dropsy.
A decoction of the root (a teaspoon of a crude drug per cup of boiling water) is used to rinse for sore throat, gums and loosening of douches in the inflammatory processes of female genitalia, often combining with the reception of broth inside (2 tbsp. 4 times a day).
The decoction is considered a good cosmetic product - it is used for washing the face and washing the head with dandruff.

Iris pseudacorus